• Magurofactory is looking for hall staff.
  • ◆ Staff first welfare welfare enhancement! Perfect for those who want to work long and stable ◎
    We are looking for hall staff this time!

    While enjoying conversation with customers, you can increase the fans of the shop,

    I will acquire cooking skills if there is motivation.

    Because it is the company that is based on the real estate business as it manages,

    Based on a stable management foundation, it is a good environment that can concentrate on food business.

    Benefits such as salary bonus and preferential treatment of affiliated resort hotels as well as benefits,

    If there is a good idea on menu · store management

    Because it is a vibrant corporate style that actively incorporates,

    Motivation of the workplace is also high and rewarding is sufficient.

    Eventually it is possible to have their own store independently!

    If you are interested please contact the store!

  • Hall service

    After joining the company, we will leave the whole store making, centering on customer service such as order taking and drink preparation. If you are more familiar with it, expand the range of your work, if you are motivated, you can cook assistance, educate your staff, and have the opportunity to work as a store manager eventually ◎ You will have experience working at a restaurant like Japanese food and Western food as well as those who are not experienced You can be active as an immediate fight! Because the company also fully backs up the food business with a stable real estate business as a mother, it is also attractive that you can work with confidence. Flexibility as a corporate culture, it is the best opportunity for those who want to succeed in the food and beverage industry! The support system is thoroughly prepared. By all means, please sharpen your shop with your hands.